Compensation Benchmarking Services driven by the latest market insights

For each role, we build a full understanding of the position responsibilities and accountabilities, along with experience and attributes. We align performance objectives to ensure that compensation benchmarking is appropriate and market-competitive.

Overview of Our Compensation Benchmarking Services

Compensation Strategy

We work with key stakeholders to align your foundational compensation philosophy and your principles of compensation

Competitive Compensation Benchmarking

We conduct market research and develop competitive compensation benchmarking for board members, executives, and employees

Compensation Assessments

We monitor the relationship between performance and compensation over time

Examples of our extensive compensation level service offerings

We start by speaking with key stakeholders, facilitate focus groups and/or conduct pulse surveys to better understand areas of alignment and differences of the business, talent and compensation strategies. We then work to build a compensation strategy and philosophy that supports the business strategy and serves as the foundation for effective compensation decision-making.

Using our developed compensation philosophy and talent strategy we work to identify potential peer groups as a reference based on your market for talent and the scopeof your organization. We help develop clear peer group screening based on criteria relevant to your organization including industry, size, ownership, geography and more.

In our partnership with ESGAUGE, a data analytics firm, we leverage the latest public disclosures for your peer group. This provides us with relevant insights on current market pay levels to help you create compensation benchmarking for executives. We can also provide a total compensation perspective that includes an estimated value of pensions and other allowances. Based on our understanding of your organization, we provide guidance on how to interpret and apply the market data to your organization.

We leverage information from ESGAUGE on board of directors pay levels to create their compensation benchmarking. We review the entire board of director compensation structure including cash and equity retainers, use and value of meeting fees, committee member retainers, committee and board chair retainers, and travel fees. We also help structure the pay package including the design of the equity retainer (e.g., use of deferred share units, restricted share units and/or common shares) and the use of share ownership guidelines.

Using employee pay level surveys, we provide full market compensation benchmarking support across the organization in an efficient and technology-enabled manner. We help assess the competitiveness of your overall compensation package, including salary and incentives.

Leveraging Southlea’s Asset Management Compensation Survey, we can provide full compensation benchmarking support from entry-level professional roles to CEO across all investment and corporate disciplines.

We support organizations in the development of an overall compensation structure including job architecture and leveling, job evaluation, market benchmarking and salary structure design. We can also support pay equity compliance and fair pay analytics (by gender and other designated groups). We can provide advice on various structure alternatives to help align with your desired market positioning under different scenarios (minimum, target and maximum).

We assess your performance metrics against those of your peers to provide useful insight into the effectiveness of your pay program design. We can test the alignment of pay and performance relative to the shareholder experience, in support of internal communications to participants and external disclosure to shareholders.

Case Studies

Extensive Board of Director Pay Review

Aligning Incentives to Strategy

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