Tailored Compensation Consulting Services for Periods of Transition

We support companies going through transformations, transitions and special situations (e.g., IPOs, M&A, special awards, shareholder activists, say-on-pay challenges), and provide tailored director and management education programs.

Special Circumstance Compensation Consulting Services

Transaction support

We develop programs that support organizations through M&As, IPOs including program integration and transaction incentives

Executive transition

We address the challenges in managing the departure and onboarding of executives and other key employees

Education sessions

We create customized education programs to support the board of directors and executive teams

Examples of our special situation compensation consulting services offerings

We support organizations that are getting ready to IPO (or go public through a SPAC) with extensive market insights on recent transactions. We have the ability to create customized compensation and governance programs that reflect your business strategy, market practices and good governance considerations. We can support the transition of private company incentives to the public company and work with legal counsel to support effective disclosure of the new programs and practices.

We partner with organizations going through various transitions and transactions to understand the potential implications on the current compensation structure and to determine whether separate incentives are required to align with key objectives. This includes special transaction awards, transition awards, retention awards (including Key Employee Retention Plans or KERPs), etc. We can quickly access market insights on the use of special awards to provide clear advice and guidance during these challenging periods.

We support organizations going through acquisitions and divestitures or spin-offs. We can partner at different points in the process from due diligence and transaction planning to integration and roll-out. Our extensive market insights and previous experiences supporting large transactions allows us to hit the ground running in these time sensitive and quick moving engagements.

We support organizations in managing the complex and sensitive offboarding and onboarding of new executives including review of executive employment agreements, incentive plan documents and typical market and governance practices. We can also help craft the overall termination and hiring package including market insights and calculation of various incentive arrangements.

Executive compensation is a complex topic that is highly scrutinized by various stakeholders. An effective onboarding and education strategy can help ensure that the board and executive team are up-to-speed on executive compensation and governance basics and emerging trends or issues.

We have experience supporting organizations through various legal and regulatory situations and can partner with external legal counsel, as needed. We have also worked with regulated electric utility organizations in support of their rate applications by providing benchmarking support, responses to information requests and in-person expert witness testimony.

Case Studies

Extensive Board of Director Pay Review

Aligning Incentives to Strategy

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