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We partner with complex organizations looking to make an impact


We provide the same independent and objective advice regardless of the contractual arrangements and act in the best interests of the organization. 


Our primary contacts include Board Chairs, HR/Compensation Committee Chairs, CEOs, CFOs, CHROs, and total rewards leaders.  We believe it is important to work collaboratively with all stakeholders to effectively connect business strategies and performance with pay while providing independent advice to the Board.

We structure our client relationships in different ways, depending on their desired operating and governance models:

HR / Compensation Committee of the Board


Both the HR / Compensation Committee of the Board and Management

We are the only independent Canadian executive compensation advisory firm that offers a truly global perspective.


We work with organizations headquartered in Canada, with domestic, international and global operations. We are the only Canadian company in the Global Governance and Executive Compensation Group (GECN), providing our clients with access to a select group of premier independent advisory firms in major markets around the world, specializing in the more challenging aspects of compensation and governance.


Our client base is diverse and includes complex organizations facing global challenges:

Publicly-traded companies

Privately-held firms (family-owned or PE/VC backed)

Pre-IPO companies

Asset managers

Other organizations (public sector, not-for-profit)

While we work with companies across all industries, we focus on specific industries, including:

Financial services
(insurance & banking)

Asset management
(pension funds & other managers)

Natural resources
(energy, mining & power)


Mark Wiseman, Board Chair of AIMCo

“I’ve known Amanda for many years and have trusted her independent point-of-view anchored in a deep understanding of our investment strategies and the asset management industry.  This means that she asks the right questions to effectively connect our performance with pay.”


Michael Mueller, Board Chair of Laurentian Bank

“Navigating complex executive compensation plans is one of the Board's toughest jobs, as it requires carefully balancing of management and shareholder interests.  Southlea brings everyone together while maintaining independence, making my job more effective.”

Interested in learning more?  Please email us at

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