Are you in need of support with compensation or governance issues?

We are independent compensation consultants that can help you throughout the entire annual compensation cycle. We act as your trusted advisor to help you with all things related to your compensation and governance challenges.

Compensation Levels

Find market competitive and fair compensation levels, relative to performance.

Compensation Design

Get support with innovative and customized compensation programs and incentive plans.

Compensation Oversight

Get support with effective oversight, decision-making processes and disclosure of compensation programs.

Special Circumstances

Get support through change & transformation, including Mergers & acquisitions &Initial Public Offerings.

Why Southlea

Southlea offers a unique and differentiated compensation consulting experience.

Trusted and Independent Consultants

We partner with boards of directors and senior management teams, to provide independent advice, reflecting the business strategy and the views of all stakeholders.

Global Reach with Local Insights

We work with over 150 professionals across 15 countries through the Global Executive Compensation and Governance Group (GECN) to provide local market support with access to global insights,compensation and governance support.

Strong Business and Financial Knowledge

We blend business, financial and human capital expertise to develop tailored compensation and incentive plans that effectively support your unique strategic priorities.

Case Studies

Global Compensation Framework Development

Extensive Board of Director Pay Review

Aligning Incentives to Strategy