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Southlea’s Canadian Asset Management Compensation Survey

Southlea’s Canadian Asset Management Compensation Survey is the most complete and innovative compensation database for leading asset management organizations. The database is anchored in our deep understanding of how compensation is structured to ensure you can draw out meaningful insights to maintain competitiveness across all job families.

There are a number of aspects that make our survey different, including:


Southlea Differentiators

Simplified participation

  • Simple data input template to facilitate easy transfers from your HRIS

  • Jobs matched initially by Southlea (validated by you) to standard job families and levels

  • Detailed aggregate reviews of the data, leveraging technology developed by our compensation database specialist to identify variances

  • Secure and encrypted online system to facilitate data reporting

Holistic perspectives

  • Ongoing engagement with participants to customize job matching / leveling approach and identify any tough-to-match match jobs / factors that impact compensation

  • Additional elements including target, actual, and maximum pay

  • Connections between compensation and demographics to facilitate talent and workforce planning.Future plans to report on performance and linkage to pay

Improved reporting and insights

  • Customized reporting templates to draw out key insights and trends

  • Regular updates (2x per year) to keep pace within a tight labour market

  • Engagement with all participants to review trends in the findings and identify improvements going forward

The inaugural run of the survey (released in September 2022) was by invitation only and included 17 Canadian asset managers with median AUM of ~$120B, we reported data for over 400 unique positions.

Aggregate data at the 10th, 25th, 50th, 75th, and 90th percentiles for each of the investment and corporate disciplines below is reported at 10 levels from CEO to entry level professional, where available. Analyses related to differences in pay by organization size are also included in the standard report, and custom cuts are available for an additional charge.

The cost of the survey for this inaugural run is $5,000 and you will receive the results of the September 2022 survey in addition to the May 2023 release.


If you’re interested in learning more and/or participating in the survey, please reach out directly to Amanda Wildi ( or Tara Armstrong (

Asset Management Survey Order Form (Participant)
Download PDF • 76KB
Southlea Asset Management Survey Descriptors
Download PDF • 427KB

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